Proof it Good

P-proof it real good!

I will take your words and make them better.

I know the dread secrets of there/they're/their and your/you're. I know where commas should go, and when a semicolon should be used instead. I have an unerring eye for proper spelling, correct punctuation, and consistency.

I'll work on anything – a website, terms of service, a wedding program, a bat mitzvah invitation, a restaurant menu, an essay, a book proposal, a screenplay, a manuscript, a cover letter, a contract. No matter what it is, I'll make sure that the end product gets your point across.

Language changes over time – it's not a static thing. There are basic conventions that make words and stories easier for a reader to understand, and often, it's a good idea to stick to them. But sometimes they're more like guidelines than actual rules. You just have to know when bending the rules works, and when it makes you look like an idiot. I can help you.