Proof it Good


Liz was exceptional at completing the work at hand and even going above and beyond the duties of the job by providing extra reports and notes. Her work is very organized and detailed. I hope to work with her again!


Liz has been editing documents and presentations for me. She has done an outstanding job in terms of quality, quick turnaround, customer service and value. She understands customer needs, do it right the first time and has very high integrity. Highly recommended. If I was to hire her, it is an easy decision. Done.


I had the pleasure of working with Liz in a number of capacities including Editor. I relied on Liz to catch my grammatical errors daily. She saved me embarrassment, legal consequence and exposure in applying her command of the English language. She is exceedingly proficient, from a grammatical standpoint and pitch-perfect in her editing skills. Additionally, I'd say that her skill of listening translates on a direct basis to her ability to adjust and then convey the very essence of what you are trying to express. She is a true professional. I would highly recommend her in this and many other regards.


Working with Liz for almost 8 years created a profound relationship of trust, dependability, intuitive teamwork, respect, admiration, and reliance upon her excellence and consistency. Her earnest commitment to excellence and sharp mind added tremendous value to every project she was involved in. I would and do recommend her highly.


Liz is an incredibly efficient and meticulous manager. I could always rely on her for clarifications, editorial advice, and ideas, always delivered efficiently and courteously. She is mega-talented and would be an asset to any business.


I was fortunate to have Liz on the Review Team for various email and web publications and campaigns. With her many-faceted experiences Liz reliably kept focus on the big picture, and is creative enough to think outside of the box. She has the fresh eyes, and customer insight that is essential for reviewing content with great care to ensure accuracy and relevancy with each and every project. I would gladly welcome the opportunity to work with Liz on projects in the future.


I utilized Liz's services on a manuscript that I had almost finished and needed quick, gloves-off, no sugar coated feedback. The turnaround time was quick and the feedback was balanced, honest and thoughtful. I will not hesitate to use her services on my next manuscript nor hesitate to recommend her. She is professional, diligent, incredibly well read and provides helpful suggestions and feedback.


Liz served as a valuable "second set of eyes" for my writing projects. Her attention to detail is impeccable and she often offered very welcomed feedback and suggestions. She was a pleasure to work with.